Excavation and Septic Services on Cape Cod

Septic Inspections

courtesy of Lyn Severance, © HARVEY | SEVERANCE, 2014

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Massachusetts Title V regulations require that a property with a septic system be inspected before a home is sold. This inspection is valid for two years or for three years if you have records proving that your system was pumped annually since the inspection. In addition an inspection is necessary if you plan to start a construction project needing building permits.

Even if you are not planning to sell your property, regular inspections ensure that your system works correctly. It also gives an accurate reading of the overall life expectancy of your system. There are many reasons that your tank may fail. The most common, however, is the lack of proper maintenance.

In addition regular inspections help protect our water resources. Typical pollutants in household wastewater are nitrogen, phosphorus, and disease-causing bacteria and viruses. If a septic system is working properly, it will effectively remove most of these pollutants. Otherwise you risk polluting your well or a nearby pond.

For over three decades, people throughout the Outer Cape have made Robert Waters Septic Service their source for reliable septic tank inspections. Our team of professionals can diagnose problems and give you an accurate assessment of the situation.

As a certified, Massachusetts Title 5 Inspector, you can trust us for the prompt septic tank inspection you need to complete your project or sell your home.

What happens during an inspection?

  • We open the tank and check the baffles and sewage flow
  • The condition of the top & lids on the tank will be evaluated for leaks or cracks
  • If the tank has not been pumped recently, we will pump the tank
  • We provide you a detailed list of our findings, any identified issues and recommendations for repairs